Top 3 killer moves to trim your waistline in time for summer

– squeeze your butt and straighten your arms, clasping your hands directly in front of your chest
– keeping your pelvis stable and butt squeezed, roll to your right shoulder, arms remaining aligned with chest
– pause for two seconds, then return back to the center
– immediately rotate to your left and pause before returning to center again

That is a total of one rep. Complete three sets of eight to 12 reps each.

Side crunch

– place a Swiss ball by a wall or sturdy object
– lower your left side over the ball, with your right and left leg extended and anchored to the ground or the wall
– place your hands near your temples (you may find that you need to place your left foot in a position that allows you to support and balance yourself)
– activate the right side of your torso and contract sideways until you are upright, with shoulders parallel to the floor
– keep your hipbones facing forward and your navel drawn in to stabilize your pelvis
– pause at the top for two seconds, then slowly release to the starting position

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