Top 4 Causes Of Menopausal Weight Gain And How To Prevent It


Aside from the hormonal imbalances manifested by hot flashes, mood swings etc., one of the hardest things to accept about menopause is the uncontrollable weight gain. It’s no wonder most women have a hard time accepting their once toned body turning into a flabby mess.

Unfortunately, these body changes occur even if you’re exercising regularly and watching what you eat. Most women become desperate because no matter what they do, they’re only putting on weight.

Well, menopausal weight gain is normally attributed to 4 factors blended into an acronym – STOP:

  • Stress and Emotions
  • Toxins
  • Out of Balance Hormones
  • Poor Sleep
  1. Stress And Emotions

What makes stress one of the major culprits for many health issues including menopausal weight gain is the fact that it results in high cortisol levels and eventually in adrenal fatigue.

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