Top 5 Amazing Home Remedies To get Thicker And Shiny Eyebrows!!!

One among the most important feature in the face of every woman is none other than eyebrows. Every month women and teenage girls visits the beauty parlor to get the threading done. This helps in eradicating the unwanted from the eye brows and gets it in a wonderful shape. But, in many cases, women lack adequate hairs in eyebrows. This is really a shortcoming as compared to the ladies with long and well shaped eyebrows. But, this problem can now be solved easily with the help of some home remedies.


Castor Oil
Just the time when you plan to sleep at night, castor oil can be applied on your eyebrows. You need to massage the eyebrows really well so that it gets into the root of the hair and skin. Castor oil also helps in resisting the microorganism that hampers the growth of eyebrows. There are certain reasons of hampering the growth of eyebrows. Skin eczema, attack of microorganisms etc are the causes. Now, if you can apply castor oil in a regular basis, this will be responsible for making your eyebrows grow faster and easily.

Aloe Vera gel
If you have Aloe Vera plan in your kitchen, it is quite easy to extract Aloe Vera Gel from the same. Along with making your eye brow glow faster and easier, it will also make the skin near your eyebrows very soft and supple. Even, you don’t have to use the high lightener after getting this natural ingredient.

In order to drink milk or for making tea, milk always remains in your refrigerator. Now, you can use milk to grow your eyebrows thicker. Take some small amount of milk in a small bowl. Now dip a cotton bowl ball inside the milk and rub that on your eyebrows gently. You must do this whenever you get time to grow your eyebrows thicker.


Olive Oil
Today, many housewives have realized that, olive oil is healthier substitutes of sun flower oil. Thus, you can get it readily at your home kitchen. Take some olive oil in cotton balls and apply it on your eyebrows to get it thicker and denser. But, it is very important to message your eyebrows everyday with the olive oil.

Coconut oil
You must have the coconut oil in your dressing table. This is also a wonderful ingredient that helps an individual to get very dense and impressive eyebrows. If you have very light eyebrows, coconut oil will be a useful natural ingredient. Even if you want your eyebrows to be darker, coconut oil will be an effective mechanism.


Fresh lemon juices have many health benefits. You must have bought these lemons invariably from the vegetable stalls to feed the same to your family. Along with health benefits, lemon can also be useful for enhancing your beauty. It is quite easy to use lemon. Just cut a slice and rub it on your eyebrows. This will help to grow your eyebrows in a wonderful way.

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