Top 5 Chemicals in Processed Foods that Ruin Your Health

processed_foodsProcessed foods are edible items that have been dehydrated, canned or boxed, and with added chemicals in them. It is said that manufacturers have thousands of preservatives, colorants, flavorings, additives and other substances to choose from that they may add to their processed goods. It is for this reason why so many health authorities are advising the public against the consumption of anything processed available at the supermarkets and restaurants.

Below you will find some of the worst ingredients added to all sorts of processed food items. If you spot any one of them on the label, immediately put the product back on the shelf to save yourself from the various health hazards it may bring.

Artificial Sweeteners

If you think that artificial sweeteners are good for you because they contain zero calories and they won’t cause a spike in your blood glucose levels, think again. Medical professionals say that artificial sweeteners are worse than the real deal. For instance, amino acids in aspartame, according to studies, attack the cells and leave them overly simulated, causing a toxic cellular reaction. Sucralose, another artificial sweetener that is said to be hundreds of times sweeter than sugar, can exacerbate diseases involving the intestines.

Artificial Flavorings

You could be flooding your system with several different chemicals each time you consume any processed food with artificial flavoring. That’s because a single artificial flavoring used by today’s manufacturers may be composed of numerous chemicals. For instance, it is said that there are almost 50 different chemicals found in artificial strawberry flavoring. Some artificial flavorings may also leave a negative impact on your various organs. Diacetyl added to microwave popcorn to give it a buttery flavor, for example, may cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Artificial Colors

Who likes to eat processed food that features a delectable color if it can leave you with cancer in the long run? According to the experts, even food dyes approved by the government can cause an assortment of negative impact on the health. For example, blue no. 2 dye added to candies and beverages was linked by studies to the development of brain tumors. On the other hand, yellow no. 5 dye added to various baked treats had been associated with cancer as well as hyperactivity and hypersensitivity among kids who consumed it.


The addition of preservatives helps extend the shelf life of processed goods. Their use is good for manufacturers but terribly bad for a consumer like you. For instance, sodium benzoate in fruit juices and sodas had caused some behavioral changes among children. Sodium nitrite commonly found in processed meats had been linked to cancer of the stomach and colon. These chemicals may help preserve foods, but they are definitely incapable of keeping your optimum health intact.

Monosodium Glutamate

Chinese foods are not the only ones that contain monosodium glutamate or MSG, but also so many of the processed items you can readily buy at the supermarket. This chemical is added to enhance the flavor. The problem with MSG is majority of it is comprised of glutamic acid which is basically the same chemical used by your brain and nerves to conduct certain processes. Even though the government says that MSG is not bad, many experts beg to disagree. Studies have shown that MSG could trigger problems such as Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease, learning disability and others.

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