Top 6 Ways To Get Rid Of Headache Fast!

Headache is a very common health problem. People from all age groups suffer from headaches from time to time. Headache can cause unbearable pain along with nausea, and at times vomiting also. This health problem can be due to stress, tension, restlessness, sinus, migraine, lack of sleep, dehydration and so on.Painh2uwomen

There are many over the counter medicines available in the market to get rid of headache. However, instead of relying too much on such medicines you can always try some easy home remedies to get instant relief from the pain.


Here are top 6 ways to get rid of headache fast.
1. Water
If the reason behind the headache is dehydration, then you can easily get relief from the pain by drinking large amount of water. Water is very effective home remedy for headaches. Simply drink a glass of water at the first sign of headache and continue taking small sips throughout the day. Once your body gets hydrated the pain will automatically start to ease. Along with water you can also have sports drinks. The electrolytes present in sports drink can treat headaches caused due to tension and dehydration. When suffering from a headache, it is advisable to stay away from any kind of drinks that can dehydrate your body.


2. Ice Pack
Using an ice pack to apply cold compress over the forehead can give quick relief from headaches. To apply cold compress you can also apply a cold cloth on your head and temples for ten minutes and again repeat the process after some time until you get some relief. A bag of frozen vegetables can also serve as an icepack. When cold compresses are placed over the forehead, it numbs the pain and helps the blood vessels to shrink and improves the blood circulation, thus giving relief from the pain. This particular remedy works when the headache is due to stress or sinus.


3. Hot Water
Applying heat on the back of your neck with the help of a hot water bag can give you relief from headache caused due to stress. When heat is applied it relaxes the tense muscles thus giving relief from the throbbing pain. Along with a hot water bag, you can also take a hot shower. Another option is fill a tub with bearable hot water and then put your hands in it for ten to fifteen minutes. When you do this, blood circulation improves and thus giving your relief from the headache. For those suffering from chronic headache, must keep their legs dipped in a bucket filled with hot water for ten minutes before going to bed.

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4. Lemon
Lemon is very effective and powerful ingredient to treat headache pain. When you drink warm water mixed with some lemon juice, it reduces the intensity of a headache. This particular home remedy is beneficial when headache is caused due to gas in the stomach. Another option is apply lemon crust paste on the forehead to get immediate relief from the pain. At the same time you may also drink a steaming cup of lemon tea three to four times a day when suffering from headache.


5. Betel Leaves
Betel leaves are known for their analgesic as well as cooling properties which can hugely help to get rid of a headache effectively within a few minutes. For this remedy, you need to take two to three fresh betel leaves and with the help of a grinder make a fine paste out of it. Now apply this paste on the forehead and both sides of the head for half an hour. Soon you will get relief from the intense pain. At the same time you can also chew one or two betel leaves to treat headache.


6. Ginger
Ginger has got anti-inflammatory properties that can help in easing headache pain. At the same ginger helps in relaxing the blood vessels in the head and reduces swelling in the brain and activates natural opiates in the brain which helps in lessening the pain associated with tension headache. When having a headache, you must drink ginger tea three to four times a day to reduce inflammation in the body. However, it is important to take ginger tea at the very beginning of a headache. This will help the ginger to act quickly and lessen the headache.

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