Top 6 Wonderful And Effective Ways To Lose Weight During Winter!

On an average, a person is most likely to gain weight during the winter season. Winter turns us lethargic, and there is not much motivation to lose weight when you’re covered up in warm sweaters throughout the day! And to top it, the weather becomes too cold to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors. The good news is that there are plenty of exercises and diet plans that don’t involve risking frost bite and are highly effective in keeping calories under check.

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6 Effective Ways To Lose Weight In Winter:

1. Drink More Tea:
Black, green and herbal teas taste even better during winters. They provide ample warmth, coziness and fewer calories. They help in keeping us thoroughly hydrated, which in turn helps in keeping our hunger off bay.

2. Use Your Phone:
Maintain a food-check journal or install health apps on your smartphone. The best way to track your calorie-intake is by maintaining a daily food journal. It lets you keep track of your calories and makes sure that you aren’t going above your daily calorie aim. Many fitness-lovers can be a found with a food diary in order to keep themselves in proportion. There are also many great apps available on your smartphones which can help in keeping effective check.


3. Increase Soup Intake:
Soup is among those classic winter foods that not only taste good but also guard you against cold. Soups are low in calorie and rich in vegetables and beans, but one should not consume cream-based soups as they are high in calories and fat. During winters, include a bowl of vegetable soup before lunch and dinner; it will keep your excess food intake in check.

4. Sleep More:
Not getting enough sleep increases the production of certain hunger-boosting hormones. These hormones increase our food craving and force us to indulge in fatty food as a way to hog more energy. Make sure you get your full 7 to 8 hours of sleep to ensure that you are well relaxed and fresh to make healthy food choices.

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5. Say Hello To Oatmeal:
Oatmeal (preferably unprocessed kind) is a healthy food option. Studies have shown that eating oatmeal regularly can help in keeping your blood pressure and glucose levels under control. Oats are also very high in fibre and protein. When consumed in breakfast, oatmeal can help you feel satisfied all day long and keep energy level at peak.

6. More Power To Water:
Dehydration is possible in winters too. Unlike summers, we don’t even realize when our water intake touches ground. The heated air from blowers and air-conditioners can be extremely drying and can make us go dehydrated very easily. One should definitely gulp in 7-8 cups of water daily. Feeling thirsty can be disguised into feelings of hunger, making us eat extra when all we need is to drink water. In addition, try drinking non-sweetened tea to boost your liquid intake.


And that’s how you stay healthy and lose weight during winters! That wasn’t so tough now, was it? These simple tricks and even the cold winter months won’t be able to keep you away from being fit! Try them this coming winter.

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