Top 8 Ways To Use Glycerin For Hair Care

Pamper your damaged locks with these at-home solutions and treat all the hair-related woes that make your locks appear unsightly.

Note: It is ideal to perform a scalp patch test with the following preparations to ensure that they suit your hair type.

1. Use Glycerin With Castor Oil

Use glycerin with castor oil to treat dry hair in the most natural way possible. The powerful antioxidants present in both these ingredients can do a lot of good to your hair. Mix a teaspoon of glycerin with a tablespoon of castor oil. Apply it on your scalp and hair and let it stay there for 30 minutes. Treat your hair with this homemade solution on a monthly basis to ensure that your dry locks stay well moisturised.

2. Use Glycerin With Honey

This is another effective way of using glycerin for hair care. Mix a teaspoon of glycerin with 2 tablespoons of honey and apply it all over your scalp. Rinse with cold water after 30 minutes to treat frizzy hair in the most inexpensive and safe way possible. Application of this homemade mixture on a monthly basis should help you get rid of frizzy hair woes.

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