Treat Asthma At Home Naturally

Asthma is an enemy to many people: it can, compromise the quality of life of who suffer, sometimes even in a serious way.

Therefore, being able to fight it is a very important step forward. How to do, then? A great help in this regard comes from the lemon and its juice, but also from ginger: it is enough put together these two ingredients in a drink to get excellent results.

Treatment for Asthma‎

The drink in question is prepared simply with a cup of water, a slice of ginger and two lemons. After cutting the citrus in slices, you must put them in hot water and boil: when you come to the boil, add the ginger and leave continue cooking.

After a few minutes, remove the water from the heat and then filtered: can be drunk every time you want, without specific drawbacks. If necessary, to correct the taste, which may not be acceptable to all people, the drink may be sweetened with a few drops of maple syrup.

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