Troubled due to back and shoulder stiffness? These yoga moves are better than a massage

  • Sitting in a wrong posture for long hours can result in back and shoulder stiffness.
  • You can prevent the problem by sitting in correct posture.
  • You can also try below given yoga moves to reduce the stiffness.
  If you’re into a 9-5 job, you spend most of our day sitting at your work station, staring at your computers, which according to the reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is one of the common causes of neck, back and shoulder stiffness.  It’s not the staring that causes stiffness in your back and shoulder, it’s your posture.

Troubled due to back and shoulder stiffness?
Sitting in a wrong posture for long, looking down at your computer all day can cause the muscles around the neck, back and shoulder joints to tire and become overstretched.  So, if you’re grappling with back and shoulder stiffness, you’re not alone.
Here are 3 yoga moves that will provide relief to your upper back as well as shoulder from stiffness.

Upward facing hands

To begin, engage your thighs and arch your back up in cat pose. To stretch your upper back more effectively, you’ll need to laterally rotate your upper arm at the shoulder joint and reach your arms up over your head.  Stay in this position for a while and breathe in and exhale a few times.

Eagle arms

For this move, you’ll need to sit comfortably on a chair, extend one arm straight out while laterally rotate upper arms at the shoulder joint. Now cross your right arm over the left while bending at the elbows with your fingertips pointing upward. Try if you can touch your palms to each other. Take a few deep breathes, relax your shoulders away from the ears. Now repeat the same on the other side.

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