Turmeric and Cinnamon(Dalchini) Against Fungus Infection!

Fungal infections began to pose a problem 50 years ago as a consequence of the vast use of medicaments which influences the growth of fungus, primarily, medicaments such as antibiotics, steroids and contraception pills.

Turmeric and Cinnamon Against Fungus Infection!

If you want to get rid of fungus bacteria in a natural way, try this.


Turmeric is very beneficial against skin problems, such as ulcers, dermatitis and itching, but its biggest beneficial effect is against the Candida in the bowel. Candida naturally lives in the bowel, but its proliferation, i.e. the spreading due to large consumption of sugar, alcohol, immunity fall, and contraceptive pills can sometimes cause flatulence, diarrhea, gases, etc. In women, Candida from the digestive tract easily moves to the vaginal mucosa and it becomes a persistent gynecological problem. Therefore, buy turmeric in the market and add it to your meals!


Ceylon Cinnamon is another natural cure which is a great fighter against infections. It kills bacteria, but it maintains the good bacteria in the same time. It can fight a lot of diseases and fungus as well, among which is the Candida. For a better taste of your “anti-fungal” breakfast, enrich your muesli, yogurt and the similar meals with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

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