Turmeric Facts You Never Knew!

It can be very easily found in your kitchen cupboards and shelves, costing even lesser than a dozen chocolate candies. A customary ingredient of Indian meals ‘Turmeric’ has such amazing health benefits which not only give one a respite from critical ailments but also cut short your doctor’s bill. Recent studies over this essential food constituent suggest that it not only helps in Stomach, Heart and Brain problems but also aids majority cases pertaining to fatal diseases such as Cancer. Researchers have also found that few components in Turmeric also help in controlling joint pain.

Turmeric is also very helpful in stomach disorders and indigestion. Research studies claim that few compounds in this food ingredient have anti-inflammatory actions which assist in curbing an upset stomach as well as heartburn. In fact, supplements made from Turmeric plant show healing traits even better than a placebo and other regular medicines. This suggests that a regular use of Turmeric in one’s meal can surely check digestive disorders which are a household regular these days.

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Benefits of this yellow medicine do not stop here as this food constituent also works as a preventive cure for heart strokes in severe heart patients. Curcumin, a compound found in Turmeric which is also responsible for its yellow color helps in keeping a strict check on heart strokes. Researchers say that a regular use of Turmeric in heart patients might reduce the probability of a possible heart attack. This has however not been the case for all heart patients but still a major chunk of them restrained a stroke over regular use of Turmeric in their daily meals.

Curcumin also helps in delaying Diabetes in patients with pre-diabetic symptoms. The compound works over the body and delays the ongoing process of Type 2 Diabetes holding the cycle for a longer duration of time. This time can fruitfully be used in getting medication for diabetes which is a troublesome disease in the long run.

Apart from aforementioned regular benefits of Turmeric the most essential and imperative one is its action on Cancer cells even boosting the effects of chemotherapy in animals. Research experts claim that Turmeric is the only easily available natural substance which strictly regulates growth and spread of tumors in cancer even killing cancer cells, in a few cases. Curcumin, the integral compound of this ingredient works naturally over some important molecular pathways responsible for growth and spread of cancer cells.

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Aromatic turmerone or ar-turmerone which is yet another indispensable compound of Turmeric has been found to have some constructive effects on neurodegenerative diseases like strokes or Alzheimer’s disease repairing stem cells in brain which might help the patient live a normal life once again. Hence, patients suffering from brain disorders should certainly hike their intake of Turmeric in their diets as compound ar-turmerone would help their stem cells recover them from various fatal neurodegenerative diseases.

Here Curcumin too plays a productive role as in some cases (like the one’s in Alzheimer’s disease) it helps patients improve their overall memory, as well.

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