Urgent Call !! Save Forests, Save Animals !!!

Read below to know the importance of forests for the survival of life on earth.



Forests are indispensable to mankind. They provide us with wood, raw materials; prevent floods and soil erosion; increase underground water supply and humidity of air; provide an abode for the wildlife, check air pollution, etc. On a sunny day a large elm tree gives off vapor which is equivalent to 1500 gallons of water. Annual world production of forest products exceeds US $ 150 billion, thus playing a vital role in the economy of a nation.



Wildlife is at the brink of destruction! Due to destruction of forests, pollution, climatic changes and extensive hunting of animals, many species of wildlife have become extinct. With extension, when a species disappears, it is gone forever! Wildlife destruction has upset the whole mechanism of natural regulation and balance, which could endanger our very existence.



The day is not far away when sighting a tusker will be a rare occurrence in India. The world famous Hangul, a reindeer species found only in Kashmir, is endangered. Maybe the future generation will not know what a Hangul was! Chiru, the Tibetan antelope, is also facing the threat of extinction due to its extensive hunting for the fleece, which is required to weave the famous Kashmiri Shahtoosh shawls. India is one of the world extensive networks of officially Protected Areas. 



The way in which man exploits and destroys nature may definitely bring some short-term reward or profit but it harms him in the long run. The survival of the human race is possible only with the survival of our environment as a whole. A person may think that killing animal or a bird wont matter much. But what is worth considering is the fact that there are millions of people out there having such attitude, thereby killing just one animal or bird every now and then!



It is true that man has caused these problems; it is equally true that the solutions are also to be provided and implemented by man himself! If we sincerely want that Hangul should not become history for the future generations, we have to make serious efforts toward its conservation. The future generations should be given the opportunity of witnessing the unique and beautiful Planet earth of ours and not read about the green planet in the books of fiction! We have no option but to conserve nature or its bankruptcy will extinguish us all!

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