Use Potato Juice For Hair Growth!

How To Use Potato Juice For Hair Growth

Potato Juice for Hair Growth
The Preparation Method

To prepare fresh potato juice for the hair, wash off the potato and peel off the skin properly.
Now cut the potato into small pieces and mix them in the blender. This will grind the potato into puree form.
In case you feel the puree is too thick, a little water can be added to it.
Once done, strain the puree in a fresh and clean bowl using a muslin cloth. This will separate the juice from the leftovers of the potato and give you the extract that is needed for hair growth.
You can use this liquid. Make sure that you prepare the potato juice fresh each time before use.

The Application Method

To apply the potato juice on the hair for enhanced hair growth and thickness you need to gently massage it on the scalp. Use the rest of the juice on the hair strands. This should be covered with a shower cap. Leave this liquid on the hair for about 20-25 minutes before rinsing off with water. This should be followed once a week for visible outcomes on hair growth.

Along with growth, potato juice adds sheen to the hair. Apart from that, it keeps you away from bad smell in the hair unlike beer and onion juice.

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