Use These Natural Tips To Get Pink And Gorgeous Lips!

If you love to have make up free days on a regular basis and you wonder how to keep your lips naturally pink, today, I have some tips for you:


1) Home made, brightening lip scrub
If your lips look dull and tired, try to refreshen and brighten them up using this simple lip scrub: mix 1 tea spoon of sugar, one tea spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1 tea spoon of honey; massage your lips with this simple homemade scrub for a minute or two and see your lips brighten up; dullness will disappear and your lips will look more pink.

2) Another lip massaging technique
To make your lips very soft and brightly pink, try gently massaging your mouth with wet, soft-bristle toothbrush every evening. This method can easily and quickly help exfoliate your lips, but remember, don’t be harsh, because the skin on your lips is very gentle!

3) Beetroot
Beetroot juice can become your favorite, natural lip stain. Not only it will give you beautiful color, but also, beetroots are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and can efficiently help nourish your lips. If you apply beetroot juice at night before going to sleep, in the morning, you will wake up with gorgeous, pink lips and the color can last the whole day, until your decide to wash it away.


4) Carrot juice
Carrot juice works similar way as beetroot juice. Just soak a cotton pad in carrot juice and apply it on your lips. This rich in vitamins juice will add color and nourish your lips.

5) Pomegranate
Crush pomegranate seeds, apply the juice on your lips and see them become redder, brighter and fuller.


6) Roses
Grind up some rose petals in a bowl until you see the juice and apply this paste on your lips. Not only it smells divine, but also rose petals will hydrate, nourish and care for your lips, making them look brighter, healthier and, of course, pinker.

7) A slice of cucumber
Rub a cucumber slice on your lips daily for couple of minutes and see your lips brighten. Cucumber will help nourish your lips, lighten their color and make them look more pink naturally.

8) Orange


Orange peel can be very helpful in treating dull and dark looking lips. So, next time you eat an orange, don’t throw away that orange peel. Just rub it on your lips for a minute or two and see your lips brighten up and “blush”.

H/T: BeautyAndTips

Now you can get a pink and brighten lips by using these natural tips. If you think that this is a useful post then please do like and share it with your friends and family!!!  

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