Use Whey Protein to Create a Better You

Because of this, whey protein is often used in supplements for bodybuilders to help quickly repair muscles that were used during a workout. But what about those who are trying to lose weight? Are protein drinks featuring whey protein beneficial for this use as well?

Whey Protein Weight Loss:

According to a recent study, whey protein is the best choice for dieters. Whey protein drinks were compared to soy protein drinks as well as a carbohydrate heavy drink. Those who drank the carbohydrate drinks gained weight during the six month study. People who used the soy protein drinks maintained their weight. Those who drank whey protein daily actually lost a few pounds and slimmed their waistline. One possible reason for the result is that whey protein affects the amount of certain hormones in the body. One hormone in particular makes an individual feel full. By the end of the six months, those who were using whey protein on a daily basis weren’t taking in as many carbohydrates in their regular diet. Also, other hormonal changes due to whey protein may also result in the body’s metabolism speeding up. This too has a positive effect on weight loss. Are there any other benefits to using whey protein?

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