Useful Advice For Vegetarian Newbees!!! Must Read

If you making the commitment to be a vegetarian, these tips might help.


Visit a farm or animal sanctuary – If you crave meat, visit some local cows or piglets. Really look at them and see how they interact with you. Fall in love with a furry friend, and you might not want to eat it.

Don’t expect everyone to embrace your new diet – Big change is scary and can be uncomfortable. Not everyone wants to “go there”.

Have compassion – Extend the same kindness you have for animals, to yourself…especially if you slip.


Don’t be a junk food vegetarian – Just because potato chips are vegetarian doesn’t mean they should be a staple of your new diet.

Try new fruits and veggies – Add some new flair to your apples and bananas. Don’t overlook certain produce because you’ve never had it before.

Choose wisely – Eat by color, not by calorie.


Take a vegetarian cooking class – Learn to cook something new and meet like minded veggie chefs.

Buy organic produce.

Grow your own –Plant a garden or just a few herbs and veggies if you don’t have the space or time for big garden.


Eat what’s in season – It’s less expensive and the flavor and aroma of a fresh tomato is worth the wait.

H/T: BeMoreWithLess

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