Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever !

The best thing about vegetables is growing them at your home on your own. It requires some time, nevertheless, the benefits are numerous starting from saving you money. You won’t need a farm, you can grow them indoors. You’ll only need to use fresh scraps and upon re-growing the plants provide them with enough light and water. You can grow:


Basil – you can re-grow it from basil cuttings by putting the clippings which have stems of 3-4 inches in a glass of water, and place them in direct sunlight. When the roots grow 2 inches, transfer them in a pot and they will grow into full basil plants. Change the water all the time if you want to avoid getting slimy basil plants.
Carrots – they can be regrown from carrot tops, so just put them in a dish filled with little water and place it in a well-lit room or at a window sill. Carrot greens can be a bit bitter, thus you may shop them along with garlic and sweeten with vinegar.
Garlic – its sprouts may be grown from the garlic clove having a milder flour. You can add them to pasta, salads, and other dishes. Once the start to sprout, you will have to place them in a glass with a bit of water.
Celery – you can use the leftover celery bottom for this. Just cut the base and place it in a shallow bowl in the sun. Its leaves will start thickening and will grow with time in the middle of the base. After 3 days you will have to transfer it to soil.

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