Want To Cure Sciatica Naturally In Only 14 Days? You Only Need Garlic Milk!

Here in this article we will show you how to prepare this homemade remedy.

One mechanic, who has long suffered from sciatica, said that he tried everything and visited a lot of doctors, but none of them helped him. Then he tried this milk and garlic potion and after only a few days he felt relief, and 14 days later the illness disappeared.

You can consume the garlic and the milk raw or cooked. Raw milk with garlic has stronger effect than the cooked one, because the cooking reduces the odor and all the beneficial properties of the milk and the garlic. However if you cannot consume raw milk with garlic, you can cook them together and then drink it.

Want To Cure Sciatica Naturally In Only 14 Days! You Only Need Garlic Milk!


For preparation of this remedy all you have to do is mash the garlic, add the milk, stir them together and drink this mixture.

Some prefer to cook the garlic in the milk. In order to get some results you need to drink at least 2 dl of this garlic milk.

Not every person reacts the same and not every drug works equally convenient for every person. However in cases of severe sciatica pain you should try this simple remedy.


Remember before trying this remedy you should consult your doctor.

Source: Healthy Life Tricks

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