Want to lose weight – Try not to eat anything after 5pm

If you have been trying to shed those extra kilos and have been unsuccessful so far, this is for you – do not eat anything after 5pm and before breakfast the next day, and you’d be surprised by the results, claim researchers.

According to them a cut in daily calories by a fifth can also ward off lifestyle diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Their study, published in the journal Nature Communications, follows research showing that fasting in middle age, or going without food after dark, can help people to live longer, healthier lives.

Scientists have found it is possible to turn back the clock and live longer using extreme dieting in middle age.

In monkeys, stopping them from eating between 5pm and 8am extended their lives by 10 per cent, compared to eating normally.

Researchers say the findings that dieting can fight ageing will also apply to humans, who share 93 per cent of the same genes.

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