Want to sculpt your side abs? Try these yoga poses

Everyday there are novel ideas coming up to get that washboard abs, or the perfect body. But did you know that you can achieve the perfect abdominal muscles with yoga? Yes, in fact the truth is that abs and yoga go hand in hand. After all, crunches and sit-ups are way too old, and we have seen that a lot of times they do not even work, so what is the big deal? Let us move on to something more useful, something that would be more effective while being fun at the same time.

Yoga poses for side abs and your overall abs can be easier than hitting the gym all sweaty. Yoga is basically all about your core, so by doing the right kind of yoga positions for abs, you are building your core and creating a solid foundation. A key criterion in yoga exercises is that the poses should be done well, and executed with perfection, otherwise they are futile. So without further ado, let us take a look at the top 7 yoga poses for abs, especially your side abs.

Warrior lunge twist

A definite abs and yoga combo, this indeed warrior like! Here, as you can guess, the twisting movement is essential in working on your side abs, and giving you great clarity there. For this position, you first need to bring your palms together as in when praying, and then do a lunge forward. Let your left leg lunge forward, and bend on your knees, all the while your back leg should be straight. Let your abdominal be tightened inside your spine and then rotate your upper body to the left. When you lean, let your spine remain long over the left leg, and slowly press your right elbow outside the left leg. Then, you should turn your head in an attempt to look up to the ceiling, and hold this position for ten long and deep breathes. Then slowly untwist yourself, and repeat it ten times.

Side plank curl

The exercise combines a lot of twisting movements with the use of your body weight, this leads to your inner and outer abdominal muscles being at work. For this exercise you need to get off the ground by using your hand as support, and letting your legs be straight without bending on the knees. You need to focus on reaching your hand to the ceiling, then engage your legs and flex your feet. Form a fist with your top hand, and bend the top elbow. Then bring your hand on top down inward to your body. You have to curl the ribcage as much you can in order to twist the torso. Repeat this exercise ten times. A quintessential yoga poses to side abs.

Three legged dog

You need to start this exercise on all fours, and then go downward with your hands shoulder width apart. Your feet hips should be distance apart. You have to put your right leg up towards the ceiling, and then let your hip open, as this will allow your toes to face the right side of the mat. Then you have to press into the floor using your hands, and also the standing foot, while you slowly bring your right leg on a right angle behind you, thus your waist is also at work. Your head should be facing inwards when doing the exercise. Again bring it back to the centre, and repeat it ten times. This yoga position for abs because it is all about instability and you are allowing your side waist to work.

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