WARNING! The First Symptoms of Cancer Appear on the Hands!

According to British experts in medicine, one of the first symptoms of cancer appear on the hands. If these symptoms are detected on time, the disease can be cured successfully. Scientist said that people with some malignant  disease have thickened, swelled, and often harsh. These changes can be detected, but they are not easily noticeable.

WARNING! The First Symptoms of Cancer Appear on the Hands!

Experts claim that these signs are serious and point to some not pleasant changes in our body.

Other cancer symptoms:

Shortness of breath

One of the early symptoms of lung cancer is the shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing or wheezing. People with lung cancer are often misdiagnosed to have asthma.

Chest pain or chronic cough

Some types of cancer like lung cancer and leukemia can cause symptoms very similar to bronchitis or cough. Luckily, there is a way to recognize this condition. If the chronic cough or chest pain disappears and reappears in a repeating cycle that means that you might have some type of carcinogenic disease.

Infections or frequent fevers

These symptoms can be associated with cancer of blood cells and leukemia, which starts in the bone marrow. Abnormal white blood cells make the fight against infections impossible. This is detected in adults only when they complain for occurrence of frequent flu and fever-like symptoms.

Swallow difficulties

This is one of the first symptoms for lung cancer and is often connected with cancer of the throats or esophagus.

Swollen groin or armpit or lymph nodes

Enlarged lymph nodes may be early symptom of breast cancer. Painless lump in your groin or armpit, and neck is also early symptom of leukemia.

Excessive bleeding or bruising

This can indicate abnormal activity of red blood cells and platelets, which can result with leukemia. Red spots on your chest, neck, face, and bruising on your hands and fingers area is important symptom for cancer that shouldn’t be ignored.

Source: Natural Healthy Team

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