Watch out for these early signs of dementia

  • Dementia is not just one disease.
  • A person suffering from dementia will repeat activities.
  • Dementia is irreversible.
   First of all we need to understand the real meaning of dementia. What is dementia?

Dementia is not just one disease, it’s a term that represents a diverse and vast array of signs and symptoms occurring during drop of memory or other reduced brain related abilities. Alzheimer is one of them, which reduces 60% to 70% of memory. Then vascular dementia is another very common dementia type, which occurs after a stroke.  There are many other but mostly reversible.

While as per some studies, dementia is more of short-term memory loss forgetting important dates, appointments, addresses while many types of dementia is progressive, starting on a mild level and gradually get severe.

Mostly dementia is irreversible, so it is better to identify it in early stages and for that you would need to identify the early signs of dementia.

Here are some early signs of dementia

Struggle to find the right words

You would not even consider as sign of something serious as dementia but a person suffering from early signs of dementia will often find it difficult to explain something with lack of right words. A conversation with a person with dementia will take longer with than usual.

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