Water From Grape Vine for Eyes and Hair

Those who have grape in their garden have probably noticed that when you cut the stem of it begins to drip clear liquid. Find out why it is good to collect this “juice”.

Water From Grape Vine for Eyes and Hair

This procedure is usually conducted in spring (but can be repeated during the year), you can cut the stem of the grape vine and collect liquid for hair care. What is this exactly?

We have heard this advice from our grandmothers. The liquid obtained from the stem of the grape vine is great if you have a problem with your hair – damaged, lifeless, dry or chemically treated hair, and against hair loss.

You just need to cut the stem and put a glass bowl and wait to fill.

According to some research this “nectar” help the hair to grow faster, be healthier, as well as rejuvenates and protects it against falling. It is recommending to repeat this procedure 10 consecutive days.

Some old people claim that this fluid is excellent for removal of lichens (disappear in just few days) against psoriasis, skin care and dandruff.

The juice from the stem of the Grape Vine is good for the treatment of tired, sore and swollen eyes. Keep ит in glass bottles and place coating on your eyes with this juice three times a day (morning, noon and evening).

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