We just want to swim! Please don’t kill us!

क्या आप विश्वास कर सकते हैं की हम भद्र मनुष्य हर घंटे ११००० शार्क्स को मर देंते हैं.
शार्क्स के दवारा मरे जाने वाले मनुष्यों की संख्या सिर्फ १०-११ हैं एक पुरे साल में
THEY ARE just LOVELY HARMLESS AND BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS please LOVE THEM. Protect them. KEEP THE CONSERVATION GOING! For the people who think sharks are dangerous don’t know that sharks are more scared of us humans than we are of them. 
Please stop killing them they are harmless animals.
 Save Animal Save Sharks and Be Human!
Be Vegetarian!!
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