Weight Loss Belts Seem Like A Quick Fix – But Do They Really Work –

Heat Retention Or Sauna Belts

“Manufacturers of heat retention belts claim that simply increasing body temperature in a particular area causes the fat stores beneath to melt away”

The idea behind heat retention and sauna belts is to trap body heat between the belt and your skin. As you exercise, your body temperature increases. When you wrap these belts around your abdomen, the neoprene fabric prevents the body heat from that area from escaping, which causes you to sweat profusely from that region.

The manufacturers claim that increased heat and sweating causes fat stores under your skin to simply melt away. Scientists have proved that there is ABSOLUTELY no merit to the idea that you can “sweat your fat away”. The only way to “melt” fat is to use it and lose it!

Magnetic Belts

“Manufacturers of magnetic belts claim that these belts speed up the process of energy production”

Magnetic slimming belts have magnets sewn into the belt. Manufacturers use pseudo-scientific babble to “prove” that their products work – they use phrases like increases “cellular respiration” – which is the term for the metabolic processes in which nutrients are used to produce energy on a cellular level.

There is no scientific evidence to back up claims regarding these belts despite several experiments and research studies, although there are several other ways in which you can boost your metabolism.

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