Weight Loss Tips for Men Over 50

Protein and other Nutrients

Cholesterol and protein are inseparable when you’re consumption of red meat is high. To lose weight at 50 you need to opt for white lean meat like chicken and fish. Obtain vitamins and minerals from plenty of fruits and green leafy vegetables. Colour in vegetables is an indication of rich nutrition. When making a salad add as many colourful veggies as possible.


Diabetics need to monitor their calorie intake so any diet plan should be first approved by your doctor or nutritionist. There are many added risks for a diabetic and he or she needs to be very careful.

Eating Habits

If you’ve been a binge eater all through your youth, chances are that you will continue to be so in your fifties. It can be very tempting to snack at midnight for instance just to be able to sleep better. You might want to consider eating five to six small meals in a day to make sure you remain satisfied and increase your metabolism in the bargain.

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