What Can Cabbage Leaves Cure? Must Read!

The compresses made from cabbage leaves are really helpful when it comes to curing diseases such as gangrene, bronchitis, headache, worms, throat inflammations, rashes, abscesses, etc. The cabbage leaves are the best choice if you want to cure the abovementioned diseases and it is the best to use the biggest leaves from the cabbage. All types of cabbage leaves can be used, but the most efficient ones are the red cabbage leaves.


The leaves are washed and dried and then applied onto the painful area. You can use a bandage or an adhesive plaster and it should be left like that overnight. Every day a new compress should be made.

Diarrhea and stomach ulcer

If you consume one or two glasses of fresh cabbage juice, every day, between meals, you can solve the diarrhea problem or calm the bowel inflammation. Also, three glasses of fresh cabbage is the best cure for stomach ulcer.


Since the cabbage contains numerous mineral salts, vitamins and chlorophyll, it is recommended for those who suffer from anemia to eat fresh cabbage or steam cooked cabbage, as well as, to drink two glasses of fresh cabbage juice which can be easily made in blender.

Ingrown nails and gland inflammation

These problems followed by pus, can be easily solved with fresh cabbage leaves which soak up and pull out the pus. Put three cabbage leaves on the pus areas, so that they cover a large surface. Then, tie up the area and leave it like that for several hours or even better, during the whole night. This procedure can be repeated until the place is healed.


The cabbage is beneficial when it comes to wounds. Green leaves are washed, dried and then straightened with a bottle or a rolling pin. After that, they are cut in the needed size. Before you apply them to the wound or wounded place, heat them a little bit in the microwave. Cover the wound with the cabbage leaves, so that they do not surpass the wound’s edges. At first, the leaves should be changed every two hours, and after some time every four hours.

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