What Do The Small Stickers On Fruit Mean?

When going to the store, most of us decide to buy some fresh fruit. Their beautiful appearance and smell tempt us so much that we put them in the cart without even thinking twice. On most of them you can find small stickers which we don’t think of as important, but we should! 
They are made from edible paper and are found not only on exotic fruits such as bananas or oranges, but also on our domestic apples or pears. Usually they contain the name of the producer of importer, country of origin, or a PLU bar code. Have you ever wondered what those numbers stand for? If you don’t already know, you’ll find an explanation – check next page.
1. If the code on the fruit is four digits and starts from the numbers 3 or 4 then it means that the product comes from a cultivation from the II half of the XX century, using artificial fertilizers.
2. If the fruit has a sticker with a five digit code starting from the number 9, then it means that it was cultivated in a traditional way, known for thousands of years, without pesticides or fertilizer. Today it’s a product that we call ecological.
3. If the sticker has a five digit long code and starts from the number 8 then that means that the fruit is genetically modified. It’s simply GMO!

Source: viralalternativenews.com

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