What Do Your Lips Say About Your Personality? The Results Are Surprisingly Accurate

Lipsology is the relatively new pseudoscience of interpreting personality traits through lip shape analysis. Leading lipsology expert Jilly Eddy claims that in her 30 years of studying lip prints, she has determined remarkable correlations between personality traits and lip characteristics.

It may sound a little strange at first, but the process of face reading actually extends back to a 3000 year old Taoist practice called Mien Shiang. Lipsology combines elements of this ancient Chinese medicine with Western dermatological knowledge to determine what your lips say about your identity. Going through the following seven most common types of lips, you might be surprised to find that it all starts making sense. You might even learn what your lips say about you.

You Have Four Different Lip Regions

The lips can be read by interpreting these four areas of your lips – the natural line, cupid’s bow, corner, and teardrop. Variants in the size, shape, fullness, and contours of these areas determines what can be gleaned about your personality from analyzing your lips.

1. Heart-Shaped

Women with heart shaped lips are romantic and possess a sense of glamour. They’re highly creative, energetic, intelligent, and they have have a quick wit. Heart shaped lips are also said to represent a strong will and an opinionated voice.

2. Thin Lips

Women with thin lips tend to be somewhat antisocial. They’re fiercely independent and like to stay in control of the situation. They also have a lot of ambition and drive and can be overachievers. They have a sensitive and caring side as well.

3. Wide Lips

A wide smile is indicative of a highly energetic and outgoing personality. This makes them very social so they tend to have a lot of friends. They are non-conformists and they make good leaders. They can also be perfectionists.

4. Full Lips

Full lips are said to represent a nurturing and compassionate spirit. For this reason, full-lipped women tend to make good mothers. A woman with full lips is confident and strong. They make good friends and the thicker the lips are, the more passionate a woman is said to be.

5. Round Lips

Women with round lips are charismatic and adventurous. They are strong, confident, and not afraid of taking risks. For this reason, they can achieve great success or great failure. They are also charming and have alluring personalities.

6. Golidlocks Lips

These lips aren’t particularly thick or thin, but rather, “just right.” The cupid’s bow doesn’t have any significant peaks or dips but it also isn’t lacking in definition. Goldilocks lips are a sign of being level-headed and undramatic. Women with Goldilocks lips are considerate and make good partners.

7. Plump Center

Women with lips that plump in the center enjoy being in the spotlight. They are natural performers and they require a lot of attention. For this reason, they can be dramatic and difficult to maintain relationships with.

Source: EVERYTHING for Your Health

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