What Does Tingling (Numbness) in the Fingers and Hand Mean?

Tingling hands and feet can indicate a certain problem in your body. These symptoms should be taken seriously because these symptoms may be the cause of serious health problems.

Fingers have the most nerve endings, so numbness is not as rare occurrence. Even though any tingling it is not a reason to panic, however, the best thing to do is find the reason in order for the treatment to be effective.

What does tingling (numbness) in the fingers and hand mean

If you often feel tingling in the fingers, feel pain, weakness or paralysis make sure to visit your doctor. This phenomenon must not be ignored, especially if you lose consciousness, the ability to speak or if your eyesight sharply gets weakened.


Reasons for numbness in the hands may be prolonged sitting, standing or lying in the same position. Poor circulation, pressure on the nerves, damage to nerves and pressure on peripheral nerve endings may also be some of the causes for this occurrence.


1. Numbness can occur as a result to following diseases:

– Diabetes

– Heart attack

– Stroke

– Multiple sclerosis

– Migraine

2. It can also be caused by:

– Lack of minerals and vitamins

– Too much coffee consumption

– Consuming drugs

– Excessive smoking

Source: timefornaturalhealthcare

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