What Happens Eating A Banana Every Day?

Have you ever wondered what is the most energytic fruit among the edibles fruits? In many they have studied, learned or only imagined: the banana. Bananas, which resemble the shape of small boomerang covered with a thick yellow skin and stained (only at maturation began), are considered authentic energy supplements, bombs that help athletes in sports performance, also having properties that prevent and treat health problems. Rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, fiber and sugar, they do not contain saturated fat, sodium or cholesterol. The banana, composed of 75% by water and the remainder from dry matter, is a natural source of well-being because it loads potassium (although lower density than a boiled potato), a mineral that can protect against many diseases. It offers a number of benefits to the body, some of which are absolutely incredible and yet real. List them for points.

What Happens Eating A Banana Every Day

Diabetes Cure: The fibers of the banana act in cases of type 1 diabetes by reducing blood glucose levels, while in those with type 2 diabetes improve parameters associated with sugar , lipids and insulin. It also claims that the amino acid tryptophan protects the memory and capacity also affecting mood.

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