What Happens In Our Body When We Eat a Slice of Pizza?

See what processes occurs in the body when we eat our favorite Italian food.

All of us enjoy in this food, although it is placed into the category of “fast foods” and it is known as a food rich in calories. For example, a slice of pizza with richer ingredients may contain from 300-350 calories.

What Happens In Our Body When We Eat a Slice of Pizza

The first 10 minutes after eating

The first bite activates the pleasure center in the brain, but as we approach to the the edges of the pizza, so does the enjoyment. However, salivary glands release enzymes that assist in the conversion of carbohydrates into sugars, which the body uses as a fuel.

From 10 to 15 minutes after eating

Sugar comes to the blood system, although fats and proteins partially slow down this process. During this period you feel cumbersome and more tired than you were before eating, and your stomach can start to inflate because the food is still digesting. If you eat fast or you are sensitive to some ingredient which are contained in pizza, your stomach will start to emit gases.

15 to 20 minutes after eating

Now most of the carbohydrates (converted into sugar) are placed in your bloodstream, and they are leading to increased pancreas function which tries to stop all that sugar. So, it begins rapidly to secrete insulin to help the cells to store excess sugar and use it as fuel.

However, if you ate more than two slices of pizza, and the cells have deposited as much as they could, the excess sugar remains in your blood. The elevated blood sugar can lead to various problems: poor circulation, cardiovascular diseases etc., and this is one of the reason why the doctors do not recommend diets that are rich in carbohydrates (sugars). Finally, the entire sugar ends up in the liver and it is converted to fat.

30 minutes after eating

If you have not overeaten, which can lead to feelings of fatigue, you feel sated. The body ceases to secrete ghrelin which is known as the hunger hormone, so you feel sated. However, as the pizza continues to be degraded in the body, the level of triglycerides in the blood increases, and this negatively affects the people who already have health problems and increased fat in the blood.

45 to 60 minutes after eating

Blood pressure increases slightly and this can have negative effect on patients with heart problems. However, the level of leptin is very high, therefore, you no longer think of food. You should now have enough energy.

3 to 4 hours after a meal

After several hours, blood pressure normalizes and the blood sugar level stabilizes, and the hormone that suggests hunger begins to secrete again. However, the level of triglycerides still oscillates. Therefore it is recommended to eat something that is not containing a lot of fats.


If you do not have any major health problems, slice of pizza occasionally will not kill you. Pizza does not affect much on weight, because it is proven that weight increases in proportion to the size of the pizza.

Source: healthysecretsbase

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