What Happens To Our Body When We Lose Weight?

When someone is holding on to a diet, that person’s final goal is not to end up thin and sick but to lose weight in a healthy way. That can be achieved by following a balanced diet.


How diet is understood by the body?

Temporary situation
People trying to lose weight have increased percent of fat deposits in their bodies.

During the diet
Every diet has its own rules which you must follow if you want to achieve good enough results. But most of the diets’ goal is that we do not enter certain foods (mostly carbohydrates). Since during the diet we sort of starve our body, it is very normal that we lose lots of muscle mass and eject plentiful of water. This creates the result of us having fewer pounds (as shown on the scale) and smaller size, but the problem is still here – the fat remains.

After the diet
After the diet our muscles are weakened and smaller in size and now they do not waste calories. Due to this, our body stores even more fats. The moment when yo-yo effect takes action is the same moment when water is no longer ejected as much as before. Anyone who has been on a diet is very familiar with this fact and can totally confirm it.

Keep in mind that some diets can do more harm than benefit. Besides the physical effects, diets are often followed by psychological consequences such as disappointment, fear of future failure, giving up the idea of weight loss and more.

If you really want long lasting results, vitality and more energy, forget the regular diets and start a balanced diet.

Source: healthyfoodstar

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