What Happens When you Drink Honey Water on an Empty Stomach?

You’ve probably heard that honey is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, but you haven’t heard about the healing properties of the mixture between this amazing nutrient and water.

Instructions for honey water:

– Glass of lukewarm water

– Tablespoon of honey

Mix the ingredients where you will get 30% honey mixture with composition as blood plasma. Honey is quickly absorbed in the organism.

The amazing mixture has a lot of healing properties. These are the most popular:

– It cleanses the mucus in the lungs

– It is great remedy against bronchitis, treats colds and strengthens the immune system

– Prevents and cleanses the digestive tract of bleeding and parasites.

– You will probably notice increasing of the waist line in the beginning, but don’t worry. It is because fecal sediments are swelling and become softer. After that the process of body exiting starts.

– It cleanses the organism and the intestines of toxins deposits.

– It has powerful antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

– This mixture is excellent against uncontrolled urination in the night. Honey absorbs the water from the kidneys and thus it eases their work.

What Happens When you Drink Honey Water on an Empty Stomach

How to drink honey water?

You have to consume this potion on empty stomach in the morning for preventive purposes. Drink it fast!

You can also consume the drink in the evening too where it eases the work of the kidneys.

Consume the drink freshly prepared.

– The consumption of the drink makes your skin silky, shiner and softer. This is the oldest and most effective natural cosmetic ever.

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