What Is Fatty Liver and How This Problem Can Be Resolved Naturally

Fatty liver is not a rare disease, but it can be treated by making certain changes in your way of life. It’s not that serious if you have a fatty liver as long as it doesn’t lead to inflammations or some other difficulties. When fatty liver is a consequence of a disease, for example diabetes, then it can be harmful if it’s not diagnosed and treated in time.

Fatty liver appears when fat takes over 5-10% of the liver’s weight. In most of the cases it can be detected with people who have diabetes or are older than 50. With most patients fatty liver doesn’t cause great complications. It can be also caused by excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks.

  1. Fatty liver caused by alcohol

Fatty liver is the earliest stadium of liver disease because of an excessive usage of alcohol. Liver damaged by alcohol is not capable to decompose fats, which leads up to accumulation of fats. The good news is that if the patients stop drinking alcohol, the liver can regenerate itself after 6 months of the stopped usage of alcohol. But, if you continue to drink alcohol, fatty liver can progress up to the stage of cirrhosis.

On the other hand, a cause for fatty liver besides alcohol can also be obesity. The rest of the causes can be a high level of cholesterol, high level of triglycerides, excessive usage of some medicines, sudden loss of weight etc.

What Is Fatty Liver and How This Problem Can Be Resolved Naturally
  1. Symptoms

If the disease of fatty liver is in the beginning stadium, you probably won’t feel any of the symptoms. But, if the disease has progressed, the following symptoms can occur: fatigue, loss of weight or appetite, weakness, sickness, weak memory and bad concentration.

  1. Traditional remedies for fatty liver and natural treatment
  • Stop drinking alcohol

As we have already mentioned, if alcohol is the cause for fatty liver, it will be enough if you stop consuming it in time and your liver will recover in time. It sounds easy, but it takes a very strong will.

  • Lose some weight

A lot of your health problems will be removed if you lose some weight and fatty liver is one of them. You mustn’t lose weight suddenly because precisely that could lead to this disease. Instead, try losing weight with the help of healthy nutrition and 30 minutes of physical activity and exercises during the day. We recommend you to lose around 0,5-1 kg a week.

  • Ginger

Studies show that ginger is very good for fatty liver. It contains anti-oxidants and it also helps in the regulation of the level of triglycerides. You can prepare ginger tea: add 2 tablespoons of ginger root in hot water, leave it to rest for a few minutes and drink it. Another option is to add ginger into your salad.

  • Grapefruit

This fruit contains enzymes which activate substances responsible for the oxidation of fatty acids. Also, grapefruit decreases the level of fats in the whole organism and also in the liver.

  • Avoid processed products, sparkling and energetic drinks and fast food

All of the stated ingredients contain corn syrup which contains high levels of fructose and fats and is very harmful for your health. Instead of these ingredients, you should try to include different fruit and vegetables into your nutrition, also products rich in fibers, low-fat ingredients and ingredients without saturated fats.

  • Dandelion tea

Dandelion is used from a long time ago in the folk medicine. It is recommended to be used by people who have problems with fatty liver because it cleans their blood and works as an antioxidant.

  • Eat fruit and vegetables

Raw fruit and vegetables are the most powerful ingredients to treat fatty liver. They also help in the cleansing an the recovery of the liver.

Source: Health Expert Group

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