What is the best psychological way to lose weight –

The best psychological way to lose weight is to understand how it works in the first place. That’s not my opinion. Understanding weight loss has been scientifically shown to improve weight loss. Here’s how and why.

The belief that obesity is a disease has taken over.

I think that this message comes from a good place, which is wanting obese people to feel better about themselves.

BUT, obesity is caused by lifestyle decisions. Point blank period.

And the belief that lifestyle decisions cause obesity is important.

One group of researchers found that people who believed that obesity was caused by their own decisions were more likely to do something about it.

Another group of researchers went so far as to say,

A disease-based, relative to an information-based, weight-management message weakened the importance placed on health-focused dieting and reduced concerns about weight among obese individuals–the very people whom such public-health messages are targeting

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