What is the difference between Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Food?

There is absolutely no question that the average person does best health-wise by consuming a mixed diet that is as fresh and hopefully as unprocessed as possible. Some of us are vegetarian and some are non vegetarian and we have some reasons why we prefer particular food or why not??

First of all, its religious factors and second is due to environmental factors and lastly non vegetarian food is anti planet and anti animal rights. 

Our body system is just not built  to consume non vegetarian food.
Reasons are –

If Nature intended you to be a non-vegetarian.

 It would have equipped you with claws and sharp pointed teeth to tear into any flesh, given you acidic saliva to digest the animal protein, a round stomach with the capacity to produce plenty of hydrochloric acid, fewer intestines to shorten the process of digesting the meat so that you could expel it before it putrefies inside a liver that could dispel more uric acid than it does. 

Instead we have hands with moveable fingers that can delicately pluck and peel fruits, blunt teeth and molars that crush and grind, alkaline saliva to digest plant protein, a stomach that produces small quantities of hydrochloric acid, more intestines that hold on to the food and give time for your smart cells to extract the required nutrients, a liver that can expel small amounts of uric acid.
If you find one is suffering from gout, you can be sure he is a heavy red-meat eater. You can almost bet that he eats salami or sausages for breakfast, a steak for lunch and more meat for dinner.
Meat is so high in indigestible fat content that it clogs up your arteries and can lead to a heart problem. It gives you no energy because though it contains carbohydrates it also has indigestible animal protein and a high content of fat. That’s the reason you feel heavy after a meaty meal. In fact your smart cells sweat working overtime to digest the meat and use up all the carbohydrates and energy in knocking the meat into digestible shape.
Meat also has neither fiber nor healthy plant protein. 


The animal protein is tough on your smart cells and turns toxic – turning your insides into mess. You get indigestion, bad breath and heartburn. The toxics load your immune system and also make you vulnerable to disease.

Lastly! look at your mental make-up.
 When you see a plump goat do you get that predatory gleam in your eye that makes you stalk and kill it? of course you don’t.

Plump goat

Save Animals… Be Vegetarian.. Please share this message with all. 

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