What Is The Meaning Of Each Finger For Rings?

You may think that it does not matter on which finger you wear your ring, but it is not like that. Only one look at your palms can discover your character.

On which finger do you wear your ring? We do not mean an engagement or a wedding ring, but the ones you wear for decoration. This can discover a lot of things about your personality.

What Is the Meaning of Each Finger for Rings


You are an open, joyous, funny and energetic person who enjoys life and is always open for new experiences. You love everything that is modern and you always follow trends especially when it comes to clothes. You are not shy and you enjoy being in the center of attention especially when others praise you.


You are a self confident and very responsible person. You are an excellent leader and enjoy leading others. Others may find you tough and cold, but under that “steel” surface there is a gentle and sensitive person who enjoys fine things which makes you a big aesthetic.

Middle finger

This is a person who refuses to grow up and they are often times selfish and stubborn. However, they are always sincere and caring, especially with friends and family. Because of your childish characteristics, you can make your close ones “go mad”, but in the same time, you have a cute charm due to these characteristics.

Ring finger

This is the finger for the wedding ring, but if you usually wear other rings on this finger, it means that you are a sensitive and romantic person. For you, love is the meaning of existence and you hope to find a love which will melt your heart and will last forever.

Little finger

You are gentle, modest and precise person. You are a perfectionist to some extent since you pay attention to details and dislike doing even small mistakes in your work. Moreover, these people are often times workaholics, but they are not led by ambition, but inner pleasure and acknowledgment by others.

On more than one finger

People who wear fingers on four or five fingers lack self confidence, and they try to hide their uncertainty with a tawdry look. They are in an eternal search for true love and like luxurious things, but these things cannot compensate for friendship and romantic love.

You do not wear rings

You want to lead a simple life without unnecessary and superfluous decorations. You are sincere, reliable, peaceful, smart, active and always ready to learn new things. You sometimes step aside from the group i.e. avoid conflicts when possible.

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