What to do before and after playing with colours


Before Holi:

  • Massage your body with coconut oil, including your hair and face. Allow yourself to stay that way for atleast 10 minutes before you go out to the pit, to get yourself coloured.
  • Coat your nails with a dark shade of nail polish. Why this tip? It keeps those evil mixture of colours away from entering the fine gaps between your nail and skin.
  • Remove all ornaments, especially gold or silver before heading out.
  • Don’t wear any sort of make-up, including kajal, if you are aware of the intensity and roughness with which your buddies would be colouring you up. Make-up plus chemical colours plus water is the easiest recipe to skin problems.
  • Tie up your hair into a simple bun or a plait, as colour finds it tough to crawl up the roots of your hair when tied up.

During Holi:

  • Avoid the use of factory colours (those with chemicals) as they can cause several skin allergies.
  • Mixing colours may be fun, but it will just make life hell when you want to scrub it off.
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