What Will Happen If You Stop Taking A Shower?

Here’s what happens if you disregard hygiene and go for days without taking a bath.

What Will Happen If You Stop Taking A Shower

Perhaps it has happen to you to skip showering for a few days, especially in winter when it’s cold, maybe for a whole week. But what would happen if you disregard hygiene and go for days without taking a bath?

One dermatologist considers that the consequences could be serious, but only for some parts of the body.

When you stop maintaining hygiene, your skin will begin to accrue various microbes, and bacteria, which can lead to unpleasant effects in some time. For starters, the feet are the most endangered ones.

-The feet must be regularly washed because you are all day locked in socks and shoes, so no regular hygiene can lead to unpleasant and dangerous fungal infections. Although daily bathing is not recommended, especially not with soap, legs still need to be washed regularly to prevent the development of microorganisms – said the dermatologist.

After the feet, the next are the intimate parts.

– Thighs, Armpits and places where there are sweat glands must be regularly washed because there is collected sweat, so you can get to the blockage and inflammation of the glands.

Besides the unpleasant odor that is present due to the bacteria and not because sweat, it can accommodate various irritations and inconveniences, and therefore these parts must be regularly washed. However, it is advisable not to use strong soaps.
The rest of the body, irregular bathing leaves no immediate effect, but after some time the skin starts to accrue dirt, and despite health problems, this can look very ugly.

Not to mention the intense smell, especially if you wear synthetic clothing. The combination of synthetic and wet, sweaty skin, is a real haven for bacteria and fungi.

The face on the other hand, must be washed regularly, especially if you use make up.

– The makeup must be removed, and people with problematic skin must maintain good hygiene. However, what is most at risk are the germs and dirt found in polluted urban air, even if you do not use makeup your face has still dirt on it.

– Hands must be washed because various diseases and respiratory infections can easily be transmitted through them, so they must be washed regularly, several times a day. Use mild soap, and each time after washing apply a cream – advises the doctor.

Source: healthyfoodteam

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