What Your Favorite Color Says about Your Personality

You are outgoing and positive person who is constantly in action. You love being the center of attention. If red is your favorite color, you are power-hungry, competitive, passionate and enthusiastic. You always follow your dreams and goals and patience is not one of your strong points.

Sometimes, you like being know-it-all, not wanting to appear unintelligent or ignorant. You are very determined when you want something but the problems is that you have short attention span.


You are obsessed with cleanliness and you are neat and immaculate in your appearance. You always look at the bright side of life and are sensible, discreet and wise. Moreover, you are practical and cautious and have a great self-control.

When you are positive you are self-assured and confident, while when the mood strikes you can be choosy and even fastidious.

You are emotionally and intellectually independent. Sometimes you may appear shy but you have strong beliefs about most things and love the opportunity to air those beliefs.

What your Favorite Color
What your Favorite Color


You are determined, strong-willed and prestige and power matter a lot to you. You keep people at distance, and give the appearance of a dignified and sophisticated person who is in total control.

You protect yourself from any negativity that surrounds you. You are introvert and do not share yourself with others. You are very responsible in your work and you always make sure everything is completed as it needs to be. You may be hiding behind black during difficult times in your life.


You are very funny and cheerful person. You are extremely creative and always come up with new ideas. You have your head in the clouds most of the time.

You always analyze everything and are quite methodical in your thinking. You are prone to making quick decisions and often react impulsively. Also, you jump in too quickly and rush things. You are selective with your choice of friends.

You know how to hide your emotions, putting on a smile when you feel bad. You love fashion and new technology. You know how to get information out of others and are good at anything that includes the mind.


You are humble, practical, stable and well-balanced person. You are kind, compassionate and generous. You have an emphasized need to love and be loved and you wear your heart on your sleeve. You are an open book.

You have a great need to belong and you feel like home in any social situation. Moreover, you have high moral standards and doing the right thing is of vital importance for you.

Furthermore, you are true friend and devoted partner, tender but not passionate. You have a strong will and don`t like when someone tells you what to do. You like to win arguments and do not accept defeat easily. You don`t like taking risks and do not take action, you rather observe. You don`t like details.

You quickly process information and like to choose an idea, make a plan and than give the rest of the wotk to others. Also, you have the ability to put yourself in other`s shoes.


You are loyal, conservative and reliable. You do not trust people easly until you are sure of the person. You always think before you act and take actions at your own pace in your own time.

You need more time to process and express your feeling. You are authentic  and honest and always take your responsabilities quite seriously. You have a great self-control and are confident, but you usually hide your vulnerable side.

When your emotions take over, you are either moody and over-sensitive, or cool and idifferent. You have your own close group of firned although you are very sociable.

You don`t like conflicts but you can be very manipulative in a sublte way. You are loyal and devoted partner, and very honest firend.


You are sweet, kind, loving and generous. You care about the feelings of other and are very friendly. You approach to people with softness and warmth and therefore peple love you. You have maternal instinct with clearly expressed need to protect and take care of others.

Your feminine side is particularly expressed-this also appeals to men who are in touch with their feminine side. You are emotional, romantic and sensual. You have optimisitc and positive look on life and see the good side in everyone and everything. You are well-organized and methodical although sometimes can be frivolous when the girly immature side of pink comes on the surface.

You are reserved, refined, calm and non-aggressive which makes you look shy. You are naïve, sweet and beautiful which make you look immature to some people.


You are indifferent and try to protect yourself from the outer world. You are even prone to isolation. You prefer to stay in your comfor zone without taking risks or seeking excitement. You are very calm and practical and do not like to attract attention.

You are introvert, cool, conservative and reliable. You a hard worker and do only the job that needs to be done. Sometimes you are indecisive with lack of self-confidence. You like to control your emotions and avoid relationships where you can get hurt. Therefore, you just shut off your emotions.


You are sincer, down-to-earth with two feet firmly on the ground. You are loyal, confident and steady. You are very sociable, friendly, honest and genuine.

You are very responsible. You love your family and family life is of vital importance for you. You like quality, simplicity and physical comfort. You are supportive, warm and sensual. People feel comfortable when hang out with you and find it easy to open up and trust you.

You are industrious, hard-working and confident.  You generally take life quite seriously but you have a subtle dry sense of humor. You like everything to be in its place, but are not a pefectionist. You appreciate quality and are materialistic. You like comfortable home, the best food and drink, and devoted relationship.

You tend to suppress and hide your emotions, withdrawing from the world. You are not carefree and spontaneous. You don`t like surprises, want to know exactly what is going on.

You are worried when you feel that you are losing control over a situation. You try hard to change some situation that seems unfair or unjust to you. You have strongly expressed need for belonging and security. You are very contemplative.


You are very compassionate and sensitive person. You understand and support people and think of others before yourself. You have a free spirit and can be very sensitive to hurtful comments from others, even though you never show it.

You have charismatic and alluring energy that makes you really attractive. You are introvert and often look shy. You love the uncoventional and like to be outstanding in your dress and home decoration.

You have a great imagination and sometimes can be very impractical. People see you as an eccentric because you live in your fantasy world.

You are very generous and give a lot without expecting anything in return. You ca be very secretive and sometimes even your closest friends do not know your feeling. You don`t like responasbilities and do not deal well with every-day problems. You don`t like being a part of the crowd.

You love to travel and experience new cultures, countries and meet new people. You are good judge of character, although you tedn to see the best in everyone. You are usually late for everything.

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