What Your Nails say about Your Health

These are listed below:

  • Yellowish, thickened, slow-growing nails indicate that the body has been affected by a lung disease, such as emphysema.
  • If a person has yellowish nails with a slight red blush at the base, it implies that the person might have diabetes.
  • Sometimes, white nails are indicators of liver diseases like hepatitis.
  • Researchers have often proven that often, the associated condition with red nail beds is linked to diseases of the heart.
  • Kidney diseases may be diagnosed, sometimes, if the person has half white and half pink nails.
  • At times, people see a painless increase in the tissue around the ends of their fingers, even inversion of the nails, often known as clubbing, indicating some kind of a lung disease.
  • An often seen condition of the nails is, when there are dark lines beneath the nails. This implies a disease known as melanoma.
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