What Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health?

Stick out your tongue and say “ahh.” Well, in front of a mirror at least.

Our body sends us signals periodically that we’re not in the best health, or that we’re actually doing fine overall. One of the ways is through the tongue. The way the tongue looks can actually say a lot. Here’s what to look for:

What Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health

Dark coloration.

Dark patches on the tongue indicate you aren’t using good oral hygiene. Step up that brushing and flossing game. Use a good toothpaste and always floss and rinse.

White and powdery.

Having a white, powdery looking tongue indicates that you may have a yeast infection. See a physician or head to your local pharmacy to take care of it.

Bright red.

If your tongue looks strawberry red, it means you may not be getting all the vitamins you need. Take a hard look at your diet. Could it be improved? If anything, add a multivitamin.


Cracking and fissures in the tongue is a normal sign of aging. Be sure you’re taking extra good care of your oral hygiene. You are at a higher risk of infection.

White patches.

White patches likely mean that something is bothering your mouth. It could be your toothpaste, mouth wash, or even food you’ve been eating lately.

Small red lumps.

This is a sure sign of oral cancer. See a doctor at once.

Burning sensations.

If your tongue is burning, it’s a sign that you’ve entered menopause. If you know for sure you haven’t, it’s likely being irritated by your toothpaste.

Painful sores.

Painful sores are often caused by stress and feeling run down. Take time to relax and unwind. Lower your stress levels.

Source: simpleorganiclife

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