Where Do You Get Your Protein?

मांसाहारी व्यक्ति सोचता हैं की प्रोटीन सिर्फ मीट से ही मिल सकता हैं मगर ये गलत बात हैं.  we can get more protein compare to meat from vegetable and fruits.

Leave Meat ! Love Wheat! 

Why to kill when we have healthier and tastier vegetarian options!! 

Lot of people think that only a non-veg diet can give essential vitamins and minerals to our body. This is completely wrong.

A well planned vegetarian diet is far better than any non-veg diet. It has been proved by science.

We just take for granted the delicious fruits and vegetables given to us by God. Humans are naturally meant to be vegetarians and can get all essential vitamins and minerals in a vegetarian diet.

Please spread awareness about the goodness of a vegetarian diet and help people become vegetarian.

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