While Everyone Was Hiding From The Winter, He Was Pouring Water In Bread Tins In The Middle Of His Yard. He Had A Crazy Goal!

The entire east coast of the United States was recently affected by the snowstorm. This led people to remain in their homes in order to hide from the cold.

However, one of them, a hockey player Mitch Fritz from Minnesota, had a completely different idea. He collected dozens of aluminum packages for food and filled them with water. Then he added different colors in every single one of them.

Then he left the containers to stay like that over the night. In the morning he drew a circle in the snow behind his house.

Meanwhile, the blocks for his new igloo were ready! In just a few hours, Mitch formed the structure of the winter camp. The light which was passing through the multicolored blocks created a magical effect!

“I will be happy to share the igloo with someone,” said the young architect


For this he needed more than 500 ice bricks and about 15 hours of work.You will admit that it was worth it! This is awesome!

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