White Urine Color. Is It Dangerous? See!

A good indicator of the state of your body can be the color of urine. This can be told especially when it comes to dehydration of the body or any infection. In addition, you can read the state of your body by your urine color.

Urine Colorglobalnews

Color of urine in the range from 1 to 3 shades
Transparent or bright yellow urine indicates that the body is healthy. Transparent tint shows that you are drinking plenty of water and your body is hydrated.

Color of urine ranged from 4 to 8
If you see darker shade of yellow in the morning (the first urination), do not worry, because this color is collected at night and it is quite normal. But if this is the regular urine color, start to drink more water because it tells you your body is dehydrated.

White urine

White or cloudy urine means high concentration of white blood cells that fight infection and it is likely that you have a urinary infection.

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