Why Does Consuming Meat Cause Joint Pain?

There is a loud noise that meat causes joint pain. But taking a deeper thought on what actually makes the meat cause or aggravate the joint pain; here we can come up with a list mentioned below.

Why Does Consuming Meat Cause Joint Pain

Purine Content in Meat: Meat contains an adequate amount of purine level in it which is known to be one of the major causes of aggravating joint pain, especially in patients with arthritis. When a body intakes food with more of purine contents, it is known to release uric acid as its waste product. It is known that an excessive deposit of uric acid in a single joint leads to a severe painful condition of the joint called the gout or a particular form of arthritis.

Unhealthy Fats in Meat: It is known that the unhealthy fats present in the meat causes the joint pain on a greater account than the meat itself in particular.

Omega-6 Fatty Acids in Meat: The omega-6 fatty acids contained in the meat are known to enhance the inflammation and thus can be a causative agent for joint pain. About 70% of our immune cells are known to lie in the digestive system which comes in direct contact with the food we consume. In case our food has any kind of inflammatory source, it would further trigger the immune system and lead to a seriously alarming inflammation. Thus, there are chances that meat can cause more of the joint pain which is a result of inflammation in patients already suffering from gout or any injury in joints.

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