Why is pain – emotional – said to be a good thing ?

Nobody likes emotional pain. Like physical pain, it is unpleasant at best and excruciating at worst. But to our surprise, emotional pain is highly beneficial if acknowledged and processed appropriately.

Different stages of life will bring on a wide variety of pains, but it will start off extremely minimal. As a toddler, you will lose a toy or rip a doll and it will feel like the end of the world. Not having that precious thing, you held dear, will initially hurt a lot, but you will come to live without it. You learn to accept the pain and move on unless your parent caves into your sorrow and replaces your beloved belonging.

Some feel, pain makes you a better person or changes you for the better.

-When you’re in pain, that’s when you express yourself better; Whether you want to write, act, sing, paint, whatever is your creative poison of choice. You may even find that there are creative expressions you never knew existed.

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