Why meat is not suitable for children?

When children fall prey to the bacteria in meat, doctors usually try to fight the illness with antibiotics. But since animals on factory farms are so over medicated, many common bacterial pathogens are now resistant to antibiotic treatment. Thus if you give your children meat and they then become infected with one of these resistant bacterial strains, doctors may be unable to help them. 
Let us know why meat is not suitable for children?
 Today 9 million indian children over the age of 6 are overweight
Research shows that meat affects children’s mental abilities
Researchers have found hardened arteries, which lead to heart disease, in children as young as 7 years old.
If you’re giving meat to your kids, then you’re also giving them doses of powerful sex hormones that have been linked to premature sexual development and cancer. Give them vegetarian foods instead.
Encourage healthy eating habits amongst children.  Encourage them to be fit and energetic.

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