Why The Back Hurts?

Many will have experienced lumbago; it is not a simple backache, but a sudden muscle contracture, which may occur after a sudden movement. When it happens, there is a very strong pain, because the area of the lumbosacral spine becomes inflamed because of that movement. In particular, the vertebrae affected by acute low back pain are the last lumbar and the first sacral, a point where a large part of the weight of the body.

Lower back hurts

Typical ailments of old age, we would say; but no, lumbago occurs mostly in people aged between thirty and forty years. The origin of the disease there are faulty posture and incorrect movements, but can sometimes be caused by obesity, osteoporosis or herniated disc. When we make a sudden movement, there is a displacement of the vertebrae resulting in injury. Even a very sedentary lifestyle can be a cause because, as muscles and joints unaccustomed to movement, are particularly sensitive.

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